Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Going Green

Here is one of the cute little projects I did a wedding last weekend. The mother of the bride asked me to put together some stuff for the wedding for her and how could I not say no?!?! I love doing all this kind of stuff. The hardest part for me was not sharing it right away. So here is the first of many things I will be sharing with you. I wish I would have gotten photos of everything I did, but I was so busy that I forgot to get some of a few of the wonderful things.

Our friend brought me over these letters and my wheels instantly started turning..

 I got the letter and knew what I was going to do with them so I headed off to our local Home Depot to find a piece of wood. I headed straight for there scrap wood that is cheaper than buying the larger pieces and then having them cut down.

I spray painted the letter a sage green at first and didn't like it. So back to Walmart I went for more spray paint. I just happen to run into the mom of the bride there and asked her to help me pick out the green that will match her wedding colors. We ended up with the beautiful Ivy Leaf green made by Krylon.

While the paint was drying I went to sanding the board I was going to use to stand the letters on. Then sprayed another oat of paint, sanded board, flip letters over, sprayed another coat, sand board, another coat of paint, sand board & finally paint board as well. After everything was dry I was in a hurry to get the letter on the board because they were going to be picked up really soon. I got out my glue gun and started gluing away. I crossed my fingers that it would last through the wedding. Knowing that it would be very fragile to touch. (will have to drill holes and put some screws in it after wedding) Phew it made it!!!

From this angle of the photo it looks like the letters are leaning but there not (at least I hope they weren't)

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