Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wedding Project #2

I was asked what I could do with these old window panes and this is a little story of what I did..

The I received the window panes they we covered in dirt, spider webs and only a few piece of glass in each window. Of course once again my wheels start turning. Since they were going to be used in a wedding I thought a creamy white would be a perfect color for them.

After hours of sanding and taking the rest of the glass out of the windows I was on to painting them.

I left the glass in the long one since we had something special to do with the one. After 3 coats of paint do to this wood just soaking in the paint I started sanding again. Next I found some burlap mesh at Walmart in the garden center and some clothes pin at Hobby Lobby. I stapled the mesh to the back of the boards but it was stating to pull away so I got some Mod Podge and starting painting the back of the mesh to make it stiff and keep it in place. I have to say they turned out beautiful. The photo's below are from inside of the barn at the wedding.

This lst one was used in the back of a old Chevy truck surrounded by all the things that represent who they are. What a great idea!!

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