Monday, July 11, 2011

Revamp Those Lamps

I have had these lamps since my now 14 year old son was a baby. I think it was time for a little revamping don't you think? Back to good ol' wally world I went. Purchased 2 lamp shades, 1 roll of brown silk ribbon and 2 gorgeous buttons. I had a can of brown spray paint at home. So I went to work!!


Now it was time to remove the shades and add a little spray paint!!

I also decided to repaint the end table lamp while I was at it.

Purchase to plain but cute lamp shades at $13.00 each.

As much as I loved these shades they were a little to plain for my taste so here is what I did...
  1. wrapped a ribbon around them and hot glued it down.
  2.  Then made two tails to hang down and hot glued them on. 
  3. next came  the bow part and wrapped a smaller piece of ribbon around it and hot glued it all together.
  4. Then you guessed it.. I hot glued the button on.

I LOVE how they turned out!
Very quick project.. What took the longest was waiting for the lamps to dry after spray painting them. I am thankful for our warm weather that made them dry a little faster.

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  1. These turned out adorable! Love them and the new shades. What a great refurbishing project!