Monday, July 11, 2011

Cheap Chair Make Over

I finally did it!!!! I picked this chair up along the side of the road last year on the way to my sons basketball tournament. Who wouldn't right? I am in love with the style but not the colors. Just something about the mustard fabric just wasn't doing it for me.

After days and days, did I mention days of trying to figure out where I wanted to put this chair and what colors I wanted to revamp it in. I finally got started.

First off, I tried to gently pull off the fabric to use as a pattern but this chair was so well made that it just wasn't happening. So then on to plan B.

Plan B was to just get the fabric off and then make my own template. Phew.. Done!!

Then came the time for the needle nose pliers and a few hours of time. I couldn't believe how many staples where in this chair. Wow, how did they get them in those cracks like that??

Finished chair + Red Pillow = One Happy Heart!!

So now on to the painting.. Spray painting that is!! It took me two cans of black spray paint which only ended up costing me a whopping $.96 since I already had one can.

Picking of the fabric was a fast and simple process. Since all we have to choose from here in this town is Wal-Mart. I decided on this black and white material. I only needed 1 yard so it only cost me $6.97.