Friday, August 26, 2011

Hunters Widow

When I first decided to start blogging I was trying to decide on a name that not only fit me but my family. My husband suggested Hunters Widow due to the fact that my son Dakota and husband are always gone during any kind of hunting session. Today they leave to go throw some sticks archery hunt. As much as I hate them being gone I also enjoy my "me" time {for the first few days at least}. With my older son DJ working I will be home {after work that is} to get some stuff done. 90% of the time I don't even have to worry about cooking. So here is one example I will be working on..

What child wouldn't want one of these cute little crayon rolls? The Pleated Poppy gives a great tutorial on how to make these.

I think I will have to make a couple.. One for my house and one for when I niece is in my car. I have the perfect material in my scrap bin.

Are they not the cutest??

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