Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Trash to Teasure #2

I was going to wait and post this blog tomorrow but I couldn't wait.. I am in awe on how this $10 yard sale trash  treasure turned out. I was so excited to put the green on it but then when I had it done I wasn't so sure about it. So I thought I would add some of my other cheap (yard sale & goodwill) decor on it and I just LoVe how it turned out!!!!

I think I'm liking the green!! 
 I reused the old knobs and drawer pulls I just sprayed them with some silver metallic paint. I like how they turned out. Please excuse the reflections in the glass :0)

This is what it looked like before..

I took off the knob, drawer pulls and took the glass off. I gave the whole thing a light sanding..

Then I started painting away..

 What do you think? Do you like the green??

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  1. I love it! So pretty and the green is great. The best part is it would be so easy to paint a new color if you ever get tired of green or change your color scheme. Super job on the re-do.
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